Ultrasonic Air Humidifier: How Does it Work?

We discussed in a previous article about the benefits of an ultrasonic Air humidifier but how does it work? Through these lines we are giving the functioning of Ultrasonic humidifiers. We will once again touch on the benefits.

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Cold weather or Dry seasons have common problems, dry air. Using an ultrasonic air humidifier can help solve this. These are tools that can be used in almost every room in your house or office.

You shouldn’t use them in a bathroom, since the humidity level is generally higher there. You can find these air humidifiers aroma diffusers in home improvement stores that may be online or a physical store.

Human beings get more comfort when the humidity levels in the air is between 30 and 50% (1). In fact, when the air is too much dry, you may have symptoms such as stuffy nose, itchy throat, dry skin, dry hair, dry cough, itchy eyes or nose bleeds.

You may have problems as well when there too low humidity in your home or office.

Over time, dry air can bring the wood in your hard wood floors and home furniture to dry out. In extreme cases, it may even become hard and crack.

Static electricity is also another common problem when air is dry.

Benefits of an Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Air Humidifiers softly diffuse moisture into your environment, lessening dry air and making your home more comfortable to stay in. Some are also aroma diffusers

The water inside an ultrasonic air humidifier is not heated. This is this can be a good feature if the appliance will be used in a child’s room.

In that case there won’t be a danger of burns because there is no hot water. These humidifiers are very quiet when running, so your child’s can sleep peacefully.

Ultrasonic air Humidifier don’t create the white dust we commonly see with warm mist humidifiers.

This dust is a result of minerals in the water being released into the air. This can settle on the furniture.

Ultrasonic devices on the other hand have a metal platform inside that catches this dust. This keeps it from being released into the air.

 How an Ultrasonic Humidifier Works

Ultrasonic humidifiers add moisture into the air using high frequency sound vibrations. These vibrations are inaudible to human ears. The ultrasonic sounds are capable of removing dirt from surfaces. It can also break water particles from the humidifier’s built-in tank apart into a cool air.

These appliances have a smaller size and are more compact than other humidifiers.This makes it easy to fit on any furniture.

These ultrasonic air humidifiers have also settings to control mist. You can decide if you want more or less moisture in the air.

Many have a built-in humidistat that measure the level of moisture in the air. This helps you maintain air humidity in the desirable level.

How to use an Ultrasonic Humidifier Safely

The fact that these air humidifiers are not using heated water poses a danger of microorganisms being released into the air. This may aggravate allergies or chest conditions and can cause illness.

Luckily, there is a way to lessen this risk.

  • After every use, change the water in the humidifier. Empty the tank and rinse with fresh water. Use a clean towel to dry it out entirely.
  • To prevents mold spores from growing in the standing water, fill with fresh water just before each use.
  • Your tap water may have some impurities. They can find their way into the air and cause irritation.  Also, minerals and additives used to clean the public water supply, such as chlorine may also cause irritation. In this case it is good to use distilled or bottled water. You can consider having a water purifier in your home or office to clean all your water.
  • Read the device’s user manual on how to clean and disinfect the water chamber. You must clean this regularly. Use a disinfectant (mild detergent may help) to kill microorganisms that may persist. There are some commercial cleaning products as well.
  • If the levels of humidity in the air is high, mold spores can grow. It is good to keep these levels between 30-50%. The humidistat in the humidifier can help you monitor this. In case your machine doesn’t have one installed, you can consider buying a separate one to be safe.
  • Having a separate air filter, can help remove any mold spores or contaminants from the air.
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An ultrasonic humidifier refreshes your indoor relaxes your body and mind after a very busy day. It makes you feel relaxed and comfortable through the delicate fragrance all around your environment.

This device gives you time to enjoy purified space and soul when doing yoga or simple stretching exercise along with delightful aromas all over your home.

Some ultrasonic air humidifiers are also used as a perfect Decoration. In that case do not plugin power supply.